Residential complex Lipinka

  • class Comfort
  • location The complex is located in the quarter between Danchenko, Zamkovetskaya and Mezhova streets. "Lipinka" is distinguished by a unique combination of benefits of urban and suburban life plus the state-of-the-art organization of living space in apartments, houses and the entire inner territory of the neighborhood
  • characteristics The state-of-the-art Swiss SCHINDLER lifts provide reliability and comfort in operation. Gas boiler on the roof of each house, which guarantees uninterrupted heating and hot water supply. Huge panoramic windows, spacious balconies that are so nice to sit in a chair or lounge, as well as private gardens and terraces on the first and last floors
  • number-of-storeys 5-6 floors
  • construction-material Brick
  • ceiling-height 2.75 m
  • adjoining-territory A large area of green space. Particular attention is paid to the landscaping of the yard. Modern playgrounds
  • infrastructure Nearby kindergarten, school, supermarket, cafe, post office, fitness center
  • parking Semi-open parking lots and ground parking lots near the house
  • security Round-the-clock protection of the surrounding area, control of access to the territory
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