Residential complex Likohrad

  • class Comfort
  • location The modern comfortable residential complex is surrounded by the streets of Lomonosova, Konyeva, Vilyamsa and Myetusa
  • number-of-storeys 5, 14, 16 floors
  • construction-technology Monolithic frame technology
  • ceiling-height 2.75 m
  • adjoining-territory The complex has its own park, zoo, 2 well-maintained reservoirs, playgrounds-transformers, dog training area, bicycle and treadmills
  • infrastructure For a fulfilling life there is its own infrastructure: kindergarten “Liko-Svit”, primary school “Liko-School”, sports center, clinic and clinic of family medicine, banks, shopping center, supermarket, restaurants and cafes
  • parking Underground parking and ground parking near the houses
  • security Total security: guarded territory, concierge service provided at each entrance
  • transport-connection M "Vystavkovyi Tsentr", "Ipodrom"
Residential complex objects
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